Holidays are just around the corner, and you are getting yourself ready for all the fun that awaits you. Yes but with all this fun come to a little stress and some weight gain too. We all have a busy routine, either we stay at home or go to work, we all remain busy and have a huge list of tasks that we need to get done on a regular basis. So planning for the holidays, stocking up the things for it and actually attending the guests, can be a little tiring and exhausting.

During the holiday season, you get to eat food which directly affects the weight. The sweet desserts, pumpkin pies and drinks with alcohols only add pounds to the weight machine.

Don’t worry; we are going to tell you some useful tips to remain in shape during the holidays. These tips will keep you stress-free so that you make wonderful memories without worrying about weight gain.

Eat before you eat out

This little tip will save your many calories that you will gain by eating out. It is always better that you take a snack or something, for example, a salad bowl or a bowl of soup before you go to a holiday party. This will prevent you from eating extra when at the party and thus you will remain on your desired calorie intake.

Emotional wellbeing is important

Holiday does not only bring significant weight can but it can also be stress full in a number of ways. Thus it is important that you plan your holidays ahead so that you can relax and enjoy the most longed moments with your loved ones. You can try to shop for holidays ahead of time instead of shopping at the last minute. It is also suggested that you avoid those people who bring negativity and falsehood in you so that you enjoy the calmness of the holiday that you deserve. This will surely make you more emotionally stable and relaxing.

Control portion size

Well, you cannot absolutely avoid the holiday meals. After all, they are yummy, and you will enjoy having that treat. The key point here is to enjoy the special treats on holidays, but you can always control the portion size that you eat.

Increase water intake

Water is essential for the optimal functioning of our body. It is recommended that a healthy individual should consume at least one gallon of water daily. Drinking a glass of water before your meal can help you lose the extra pounds that you may gain during the holiday season. Drinking water after the meal is not recommended.

Check your caffeine intake

The recommended portion of caffeine is four to eight ounces of coffee. We tend to get much more caffeine than this amount when we are holidaying. It is also recommended that if you increase the amount of caffeine you should cut back on the amount of sugar and milk/ cream added to it. You can also use healthy green tea as a replacement for coffee or tea.

Understand what alcohol does to your body

Alcohol is not as much important as we think it is. One can function well even without drinking a drop of alcohol ever in his life. Experts say that one gram of alcohol delivers around seven calories. Alcohol also reduces your body’s natural ability to reduce fat so it retains the fat and no matter how much exercise you do after the holidays have passed, you won’t be able to shed weight