Fast, Healthy, Single Pan Meals

Time is one of the greatest obstacles to consuming healthy. The thought of going in the kitchen to make a nutritious dinner can appear discouraging to talk about the minimum, and it consumes to purchase the items, getting ready everything for cooking, cooking, and post meal cleaning up. Though, the answer is in a single pan meal. It is quick, simple, and fitting as all of the cooking can be done in a single dish, also as you are regulating the elements, you can form it much better as compared to the most ready-made charge you approach for on working nights.

Following simple, easy, fast, single pan meals have loads of flavor with not having all the additional calories.

  1. Salsa Chicken: Quick single pan dish

This meal possibly will not be easier — particularly as it is all made in the busiest tool in the kitchen –the huge slow cooker. This dish is quick, amazingly easy, yummy as well as healthy. Just keep two boneless, skinless breasts of chicken in a crock utensil, layer it over with one can of black beans (drained and washed), one cup fresh or frozen corn, one salsa jar, four cups of spinach, a tbsp. each of cumin chili and powder and a quarter cup of water. Seethe on low for six hours or up for two hours. Relish with fresh lime juice and cilantro.

  1. Yummy Pasta

Everyone loves vegetables, Pasta, sticky cheese, and fresh herbs. In a big skillet with tall sides, mix twelve oz. Whole-Wheat pasta, four garlic cloves (minced), twelve oz. halved cherry tomatoes, one medium onion (about a cup of, diced), half tsp of crushed red pepper, one tbsp. of extra-virgin olive oil, two stems of fresh basil, one and a half tsp of salt, four and a half cups of water and half tsp. of black pepper. On high flame, let them boil. Frequently stir them while boiling, for nearly nine minutes or until pasta is done. Mix in a can of drained and washed cannellini beans. Mix it thru until hot. Decorate it with some extra fresh basil and a few low-fat Parmesan cheese.

  1. Splendid Frittata

Eggs offer great-quality protein as well as thirteen minerals and vitamins. In a skillet that is big oven-safe having tall sides, warm two tsp. of extra-virgin olive oil. On moderate heat, sauté two cups of your much loved diced, seasonal vegetables. Take it away from flame and spread vegetables in an equally layered pattern thru the middle of the skillet. Combine in it with scrambled three whole eggs and six whites of egg, sprinkled over with pepper, salt, as well as your much-loved spices and dried herbs on the vegetables. Drizzle it with quarter cup low-fat cheese of your preference. Let it be in the oven and Bake at three fifty degrees for nearly twenty minutes or till the eggs approach in between one hundred and sixty degrees F . After baking, layer it with salsa, fresh herbs, light sour cream or hot sauce.


Holidays are just around the corner, and you are getting yourself ready for all the fun that awaits you. Yes but with all this fun come to a little stress and some weight gain too. We all have a busy routine, either we stay at home or go to work, we all remain busy and have a huge list of tasks that we need to get done on a regular basis. So planning for the holidays, stocking up the things for it and actually attending the guests, can be a little tiring and exhausting.

During the holiday season, you get to eat food which directly affects the weight. The sweet desserts, pumpkin pies and drinks with alcohols only add pounds to the weight machine.

Don’t worry; we are going to tell you some useful tips to remain in shape during the holidays. These tips will keep you stress-free so that you make wonderful memories without worrying about weight gain.

Eat before you eat out

This little tip will save your many calories that you will gain by eating out. It is always better that you take a snack or something, for example, a salad bowl or a bowl of soup before you go to a holiday party. This will prevent you from eating extra when at the party and thus you will remain on your desired calorie intake.

Emotional wellbeing is important

Holiday does not only bring significant weight can but it can also be stress full in a number of ways. Thus it is important that you plan your holidays ahead so that you can relax and enjoy the most longed moments with your loved ones. You can try to shop for holidays ahead of time instead of shopping at the last minute. It is also suggested that you avoid those people who bring negativity and falsehood in you so that you enjoy the calmness of the holiday that you deserve. This will surely make you more emotionally stable and relaxing.

Control portion size

Well, you cannot absolutely avoid the holiday meals. After all, they are yummy, and you will enjoy having that treat. The key point here is to enjoy the special treats on holidays, but you can always control the portion size that you eat.

Increase water intake

Water is essential for the optimal functioning of our body. It is recommended that a healthy individual should consume at least one gallon of water daily. Drinking a glass of water before your meal can help you lose the extra pounds that you may gain during the holiday season. Drinking water after the meal is not recommended.

Check your caffeine intake

The recommended portion of caffeine is four to eight ounces of coffee. We tend to get much more caffeine than this amount when we are holidaying. It is also recommended that if you increase the amount of caffeine you should cut back on the amount of sugar and milk/ cream added to it. You can also use healthy green tea as a replacement for coffee or tea.

Understand what alcohol does to your body

Alcohol is not as much important as we think it is. One can function well even without drinking a drop of alcohol ever in his life. Experts say that one gram of alcohol delivers around seven calories. Alcohol also reduces your body’s natural ability to reduce fat so it retains the fat and no matter how much exercise you do after the holidays have passed, you won’t be able to shed weight


10 Simple Ways Of Self-Care

Self-care involves steps taken to promote physical, mental and spiritual health. These steps are self-initiated and deliberate. The individual has full control over these acts.

Self-care leads to self-love which in turn leads to self-worth. Self-worth is an important facet of our lives, and this factor only determines our interaction, friendships, employment, and relationships. Routine management, self-help, stress management, and spirituality all comes under self-care. But the most important and initial factor that leads to every self-care step is self-loving. Consider yourself important enough to be looked after and taken care of.

In the book “Art of Extreme Self-Care,” Cheryl Richardson explains that we all are deprived in our own ways; the first step towards self-care is to understand where you need to take care of yourself. Deprivation can be of sleep, punctuality, determination, the purpose of life or peace.  Assessing your deprivation is a step ahead of your health, whether you need body nutrient, exercise, sharing of responsibilities among family members or simply meditation. Here is what you can do for self-caring:

  • Set some time aside each day to perform self-care activities.
  • Nourish- having balance and variety in your attitude affects your health greatly. Supplying your body with adequate energy, building blocks and essential nutrients is of extreme importance. Vitamins and minerals, though required in small quantities are important for body functions, enabling us working properly. An improper diet with not enough nutrition can lead to many deficiencies but eating too much is also not ideal for your health. Moderation should be maintained.
  • Breathe as intentional long breaths will supply sufficient oxygen to the brain. This will freshen your mind giving thinking clarity and a sound mind. Take time to breathe and relax. You don’t need to take out time from your schedule but utilize the free time you get when stuck in traffic or waiting in a line. Starting your day with breathing exercise will give you fresher start to your day.
  • Sleeping routine is a major determinant of a healthy lifestyle. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day shows your physical and mental strength. It is recommended to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Adequate sleep restores and recharges our body for next day.
  • Meditation can be regarded as food for the soul. Spiritual health is one of the main health determining characteristic of a person’s personality as stated in the definition of health by WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Staying active and working can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as lethargy and fatigue result from nutritional deficiencies or mental stress. If your work requires you to sit in front of the computer and has no mobility then make sure to stretch out or walk to the next desk just to ensure proper blood circulation. Watching your favorite series or Netflix for hours will put a strain on your mind and is considered unhealthy for your body.
  • Spend some time with nature. Sit in a park, lie on the ground and watch starry sky, place some flowers on your desk, or plant something in your kitchen. This not only brightens our day but good oxygen supply is also important for a fresh mind.
  • Planned and repetitive actions taken for the purpose of improving health and fitness is termed exercise. At least 30 minutes every day should be kept aside from our routine to exercise or if suffering from any joint or bone, consult your physician.
  • Be grateful for what you have. It is an amazingly healthy habit to help us stay positive. Complaining only stresses you out and negatively affects your mood, health and working performance.
  • Do things which give you joy, spend time with loved ones including friends, relatives, parents, children and partner. Learn to enjoy their company. Adopt a hobby which is a productive way of spending time. Go out to parks, museum, or whatever place you enjoying going to.

Live your life fully, stay active and positive should be your ultimate your goal. Know your worth and follow these self-care actions to be in the best of physical, mental and spiritual health.


Christie Brinkley Products For Glowing And Radiant Skin

She is a supermodel, a popular actress and mother of three children who is in her early sixties yet she is stunning and beautiful like her youth. She is none other than Christie Brinkley.  She is a hot celebrity who has won the hearts of many and has been ruling in the hearts of her fans for almost more than three decades. Even, now she has not stopped showering her glamour on her fans with her most attractive and charming appearance. But, what is her secret of the flawless and rejuvenated skin? Is she using something miraculous? Has she undergone for the cosmetic surgery treatments? If you are also wondering about all these questions and trying hard to find the answers for these questions, then check out about her revelation on her beauty secret. In an interview with Dr. Oz who is the most popular dermatologist among the celebrities, she has disclosed about the product which has helped her in getting the flawless skin and compelled her to create her own product line under the brand name Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin care.

Anti aging with miraculous products

One of the most common skin trouble from which she has been battling for so long is the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Hence, she was forced to look for anti aging solution which proves to be effective on her skin without causing any side effects. Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream shows the instant effect on the wrinkles and signs of aging. This cream has helped her in removing fine lines and dark spots also. In addition, the anti aging skin cream used by Christie provides following benefits on all types of skin:

  • Natural ingredient formula that helps in maximizing the anti aging and anti wrinkle effect on the skin.
  • Targets the dark patches on the skin including dark circles.
  • Makes skin smoother and bright.
  • Boost the production of natural collagen in the skin.
  • Tighten the skin which gives the youth like looks.
  • Reduces the puffiness of eyes.

With all these benefits, the anti aging wrinkle cream used by Christie Brinkley has become popular among the customers, especially those who want to delay their aging.

Products by Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin care

Christie Brinkley was so pleased to enjoy the benefits of the natural anti aging and skin care solutions that she started endorsing it by her name. After conducting several years of search, she has been able to find the right formulation for the flawless skin. In the range of skin care products following products are recommended by Christie Brinkley:

First is the Christie Brinkley’s Recapture-360 anti aging day cream, it contains Bio-Copper Complex which helps in making skin smoother and prevents the skin damage against UV/IR rays. It works by the action of revive, improve and protect for giving the flawless skin. Second product which she recommends from her brand is close up Instant Wrinkle Reducer. It is the cream which helps in giving you the instant results on the skin and with its use you can get the perfect skin for selfie and quick picture shots. With its regular use, you will be able to witness the great results on your skin.